Build a killer sales process with Evernote

Posted by Brian Clark | July 14, 2014
10 practices of the sales professional

Develop credibility and thought leadership in your domain. Establish a network of quality contacts in your domain - even if they are competitors. Research and study constantly to expand your domain knowledge. Reasearch and study topics in the periphery of your domain knowledge to gain a big picture perspective. Explore some provocative and 'outside the...

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Posted by Brian Clark | June 22, 2014
Strategy Development: Building Capability

One of the key elements to developing a strategy or auditing a current one is an assessment of current capabilities or competencies. The capabilities of your organisation exist at all levels from the organisation entity down to individuals. I am considering the individual level here. As you develop your strategic objectives, target markets and the...

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Posted by Brian Clark | May 21, 2014
The Case for Performance Support

The organization of memory (Photo credit: kevin dooley) Performance support is not instructor led or e-learning. Performance support is all about providing easy access to knowledge and information that people need to execute their roles. Performance support delivers information at the point of need. Performance support must support traditional learning but neither is a substitute...

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Posted by Brian Clark | May 2, 2014
Values Need More Than Posters [8 Keys to an effective values framework]

Values can be effective in sustaining a great organisational culture as well as building a new one. Leadership  Values have had their proponents and detractors and I will admit to being a bit cynical about the use of values in an organisation to drive a cultural change.  I have changed my stance a bit based...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 22, 2014
9 Tips for Effective Performance Management

Performance management is a process and not an event. Include performance management in one-to-one meetings between managers and employees throughout the year. This can include discussions on barriers to execution, lack of clarity on projects/tasks, resource availability, learning opportunities among many others. Create easy to use and easy to understand performance appraisal forms whether they...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 18, 2014
Zen and the Art of Judging Your Business

Imagine if you were a judge in a business competition that measures your business across dimensions such as financial results, people, processes, technology, innovation, leadership and overcoming obstacles. Detach yourself from your business physically, intellectually and emotionally and view your business as a judge would do when comparing your business to others. I know how...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 12, 2014
9 Ideas to Improve Your Performance Management

(Photo credit: thetaxhaven) There is a tremendous amount of information and ideas generated about 'talent' management, attraction and retention.  I am not sure how the word talent became so mainstream and I guess I am a bit biased against the word in the same way I dislike 'resources' used with 'human.'  Anyway, I have been...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 10, 2014
Align Performance With Organisational Goals

The process outlined here represents a project undertaken by a client to improve its management of development and performance.  There are limited resources available outside the budget allocated to a learning and performance software platform and existing team members in human resources and learning & development.   The organisation has approximately 2,500 employees. The goals...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 1, 2014
Strategic alignment maps

These are a couple of maps created using Google Draw for a presentation on strategy mapping to achieve strategic alignment down to task management level. The process is designed to ensure full alignment between strategic objectives and individual tasks. The assessment process is critical. I have developed the assessment process to be developmentally focused. I...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 21, 2014
Organisational Health…short presentation

I created this short Haiku Deck for a client presentation last week. The meeting was focusing on some projects to support some significant change in the organisation both in culture and in technology. I was demonstrating some software as well as reviewing some case studies and used this presentation as a primer to help define...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 17, 2014
3 Factors to Develop a Performance Culture

In our business we have the pleasure of working with some very successful organisations and each has a culture that oozes high performance when you walk in their offices. You can see clues in the way people interact; looking at each other in the eyes, greeting people with their names, and well organised work spaces...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 5, 2014
5 Ways to Build a Performance Culture Fast

When it comes to an organisation’s culture there are really no quick fixes. Of course there are heaps of variables including size, workforce locations, leadership, performance levels and many more. I have recently had a discussion with a new client about some challenges she is having with a small team in a small business. The...

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