Strategy in the age of urgency

Posted by Brian Clark | December 5, 2014
5 Tactics to Support Employee Engagement Strategy [Part Two]

Welcome Aboard. Sink or Swim With On-boarding. Imagine you are marooned on an island inhabited by a tribe of friendly people but culturally vastly different to what you are used to. All of the norms of this tribe are not threatening but far outside your patterns of behaviours. You can imagine how difficult and intimidating...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 1, 2014
5 Tactics to Support Your Employee Engagement Strategy [Part One]

Employee engagement has been at the forefront of business topics for a couple of years now at least.  I have found a number of definitions and interpretations of employee engagement and I really like this article in Forbes by Kevin Kruse, [@Kruse].  Kevin Kruse uses this definition, “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee...

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 21, 2014
Do you know who you are?

That can be a tough question and one that can be considered confronting. I use this question when I speak to business owners and leaders all the time. I don’t direct this question to the individual, I direct it to the business. I typically get one of two responses, “of course we do” or a...

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 5, 2014
Can Culture Cripple a Giant?

I have followed Amazon for the past few years as an interested observer and a loyal customer. It is has been an interesting journey on both fronts. On October 23 Amazon released its financial results. The results were disappointing. Amazon reported a loss of ninety-five [95] cents per share and this was over the forecast...

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Posted by Brian Clark | October 29, 2014
Productivity is Key to an Effective Culture

Personal and team productivity is a reflection of an organisation’s culture as well as a driver of an effective competitive culture.  If you are a business owner or leader you should ensure productivity is a driver and not a reflection of a disengaged unfocused culture.  Forget the days of ‘time management’ and realise that in...

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Posted by Brian Clark | October 14, 2014
What is the new metaphor for the LMS?

Amidst the rapid changes taking place in software we are seeing some of the old metaphors of software systems being radically changed. As a knowledge worker you may be using a range of software applications to complete your work; for example a word processor. Years ago when productivity software was in its infancy, word processing...

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Posted by Brian Clark | September 22, 2014
Culture Trumps Marketing

Do you think you can see through a company’s marketing and get an accurate perspective of the culture? If you do some research in LinkedIn and find some people employed by a particular company, do you see consistency of message or do you see disparity of messages and sentiment? My good friend and colleague, Todd...

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Posted by Brian Clark | September 11, 2014
Some Thoughts on Organisational Health

Organisational Health - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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Posted by Brian Clark | August 28, 2014
The Social Enterprise; Your Culture Shines Through.

A great culture in an organisations is something to be celebrated. A poor culture in an organisation is something to be confronted and changed. Social media does a great job of shining the light on both great and dismal organisational cultures. Social media is helping to drive the evolution to more porous organisations where the...

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Posted by Brian Clark | August 27, 2014
Productivity Makes Your Business Profitable and Competitive

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to apps and software to run your business and your life productively. Here are some software tools that we have recommended to some of our small to medium clients over the past couple of months and the feedback has been amazing.  If you are leading...

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Posted by Brian Clark | July 28, 2014
Scared shitless of enterprise social media

If you work in an organisation, do you know if your CEO and leadership team use social media? Do you have an internal social platform or do they use external platforms? If you are a CEO or a senior manager, do you use social media in your business or outside? I have a feeling most...

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Posted by Brian Clark | July 24, 2014
3 Major Causes of Poor Execution in Organisations

One of the most commonly mentioned issues by leaders of organizations in my client community is the lack of execution and follow through.   This critical issue spans from lack of follow up calls by the sales team to entire projects stalled or abandoned due to lack of execution and accountability up and down the hierarchy....

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