This Is Why Your Team Isn’t Getting Results Even Though Everyone Is Working Hard

Lack of team alignment isn’t just a problem in organizations today. It’s a flat-out emergency. In a recent MindManager survey of knowledge workers, 77 percent of respondents reported that not enough time is spent ensuring alignment on risks and opportunities. More than half of those respondents traced that lack of alignment directly to interpersonal conflict, wasted personnel resources and stalled or failed projects

As a longtime sales and marketing leader, often heading up both groups at the same time, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of aligning people within and across teams, in service of a common goal. When it happens, it’s glorious. Choirs of angels sing, KPIs are knocked out of the park and there’s an incomparable band-of-brothers-and-sisters camaraderie thanks to a job done well, together.


Source: This Is Why Your Team Isn’t Getting Results Even Though Everyone Is Working Hard

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