7 steps on the strategy journey

Strategic planning cascade

There are seven essential steps to successful strategy execution in a business or organisation. The WorkPlan programs address each of these essential steps. 

  1. Clear strategic direction and roadmap: the strategy must be clearly articulated and communicated using as many channels as possible. All persons in the leadership team are able to communicate the strategy accurately without individual deviation. 
  2. Skills: the people in the organisation must possess or be in a position to acquire the skills needed to execute the strategy. If this is not possible the organisation must recruit or use contractors to execute projects and tasks requiring skills not in the organisation.  
  3. Resources: the leadership must ensure that the resources needed for people and teams to execute projects and tasks are available. Resources may include financial, human, time, material and technological resources. 
  4. Systems and tools: in some cases this will require existing tools to be re-configured or people trained in their use. In other cases it may require some degree of digital transformation. At a lower level it may be the development of checklists and meeting agendas to ensure the proper workflow is followed to achieve needed outcomes. 
  5. Right people in the right roles: in some cases you may have the wrong people, in others it is the wrong roles and it very common for organisations to have both problems. Positions need to assessed based on the strategy and not the other way around. You build your strategy and then ensure you have the right people; you do not build your strategy around your current workforce. 
  6. Measures and rewards: you create measures and integrate them into your  performance management process. Your performance management process must focus on the right measures to encourage focus and engagement. To build a great culture you need to reward great outcomes. In some cases you will find your current remuneration is not encouraging the behaviours you need to achieve strategic outcomes. Are you offering incentives such as bonuses, shares or commissions? 
  7. Execution and action plan: your people need line of sight from the strategy to their individual tasks they execute daily. They need to understand the outcomes expected from their team and how their work contributes to the team outcomes. 

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