Are you over it?

There must be something in the water. Out of three meetings with prospective clients this week, two admitted to have depleted motivation to get their businesses growing again. In other words they are ‘over it’. Both business owners have fairly large businesses and they are not going broke but suffering severe stagnation. It was hard for both owners to get clear on what they wanted to do in the business and they both admitted to working in rather than on their businesses. It was obvious that starting discussions on target markets, marketing messages and sales processes would be a waste of time. The best thing you can do with people in this position is ask “why?” What do you enjoy most about your business? Why? What was your biggest success in the business? Why? Why did you go into business? Can you describe a time when you really enjoyed your business? What did it look like and feel like? I think you get the point. I am wanting to tap into energies that once sparked activity and enjoyment from the business. We all get stuck but if you find yourself in a real state of paralysis with little energy to start anything new and your goals seem a waste of time, it is time to act. I have been doing some writing about this topic lately and I am certain that people can lose sight of their meaning. When you lose meaning you risk being tossed about and diverted from your objectives. If you lose meaning the impacts are pervasive and likely to impact all parts of your life such as hobbies, relationships, health etc. There are some things you can start to do if you are finding yourself stuck. Take out a piece of paper or your computer and start answering those questions I raised in this post. Write down your answers and write whatever comes to your mind – do not pause to critique your writing. Just write!! When you are completely finished emptying your mind put it away for a few hours or a day. Now go back and read it.

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