Can you count on yourself?

Here we are now in the final days of 2011. To many this has been a difficult year and of course for others it has been a year of change and progress. Whichever side one takes in reflection, it seems universal to all persons I speak to that this year has been fast. It has moved at a pace that has left many struggling to keep up with little opportunity to slow down, plan and execute.

I am beginning my 2012 planning early, at least for me. I typically use the last week of December and the first one in January as planning time. However I have left so much in my wake this year that there is much to review, clean up and prepare so that my new 2012 plan is not cluttered with hangovers from 2011. Doing this process has brought to the surface an interesting question, “can you count on yourself?” If you create a plan for 2012 that is aligned with your personal and business goals, will you execute on that plan? Will you end 2012 with a sense of satisfaction and a well used task list? When you fail in executing to your plan you are delaying your progress but more significantly you are breaking an agreement with yourself. If you break your personal agreements with yourself too often you lose your trustworthiness just like you do when you let other people down too many times. When you lose your personal trustworthiness there may be spin off issues such as a diminished sense of self esteem, lack of motivation, melancholy, irritability among many other reactions.

This year I am keeping my plans realistic. I have all of my 2012 goals written down and aligned with my longer term goals and visions. I have also added start and completion timeframes so that there is a spread of activity over the 12 months. I will break these down to monthly and weekly work plans. Each week I will create my daily task lists. It is a cascade of personal and business objectives. In addition to these I have begun my 2012 marketing plans as well to ensure I have an integrated view of my year ahead. Of course there will be changes, disruptions, delays and accelerators during the year. The key is to remain in a forward progression and not drift off into a reactive mode of activity.

If you would like to discuss this planning method or need some help creating one for yourself, your team and your business, please send me an email.

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