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Posted by | November 3, 2017
Accounting is being disrupted; building capacity in advisory services

There is no doubt accounting firms are under pressure for both fees and service delivery. This can be considered disruption. There are a few reasons for this pressure and it...

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Posted by | July 7, 2016
Team Training – The Next Generation

Specific autonomous training that harmonises with corporate training objectives. Has there ever been an example when one size truly fits all? A label that’s been stamped on everything from hats...

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Posted by | July 18, 2014
Communicate Your Way to a Successful LMS Roll-Out

We are very fortunate to welcome some great new clients to our community. As we commence these LMS implementation projects we have been engaged in conversations about how best our...

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Posted by | May 21, 2014
The Case for Performance Support

The organization of memory (Photo credit: kevin dooley) Performance support is not instructor led or e-learning. Performance support is all about providing easy access to knowledge and information that people...

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Posted by | March 12, 2014
9 Ideas to Improve Your Performance Management

(Photo credit: thetaxhaven) There is a tremendous amount of information and ideas generated about 'talent' management, attraction and retention.  I am not sure how the word talent became so mainstream...

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Posted by | March 1, 2014
Strategic alignment maps

These are a couple of maps created using Google Draw for a presentation on strategy mapping to achieve strategic alignment down to task management level. The process is designed to...

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Posted by | December 31, 2013
L & D Department or Competitive Advantage

In the spirit of the New Year and all the hoped for changes we have planned in our personal and working lives I thought about how some of our clients...

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Posted by | May 21, 2012
A deeper dive into SWOT

I think SWOT analysis may have earned a bad reputation in some circles. I was speaking to a new client last week and could almost see their eyes glaze over...

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Posted by | May 5, 2012
Learning and the doom loop

Do you think your business/organisation learns? Forget about the indidividuals in the organisation for a minute and consider the organisation as an entity. It is a living, breathing and dynamic...

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Posted by | March 7, 2012
When the LMS is not a strategic element

If I was in an elevator with your CEO would she/know about your  LMS project? If not your CEO would a ‘C’ level executive in your chain of command be...

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