Posted by | March 6, 2017
10 Habits of an effective sales professional

Develop credibility and thought leadership in your domain. Establish a network of quality contacts in your domain - even if they are competitors. Research and study constantly to expand your...

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Posted by | April 7, 2015
Fully Engaged In-Bound Lead Nurturing

There is a flood of information on how to nurture inbound leads.  These methods are often based on using technology to respond to and engage with prospects who have visited...

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Posted by | March 10, 2015
Why do we make sales so hard?

If you wanted to spend the rest of your life reading books, blogs, posts, and tweets about sales you could do so and never have a minute to do anything...

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Posted by | January 26, 2014
Business stagnation? Your first step is not always what you think.

Is your business stagnant?  Is cash flow a concern?  Not really sure what to do and how to do it? You might need to start with your head. I hope...

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Posted by | December 20, 2013
Your Journey to More Sales in 2014

Please click on this link and you can have a look at a great path to more sales in 2014. So far I have seen nothing that indicates the sales profession...

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Posted by | October 21, 2013
do you stand for something, anything or nothing

These times no longer tolerate the vanilla supplier. It is too easy to be a vanilla supplier. I would rather know what a person believes in with transparent honesty than...

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Posted by | October 3, 2013
Sometimes Speed Trumps Quality

English: High Speed - Lights (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You have developed a new set of marketing and sales collateral for your sales team. You load it into your CRM to...

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Posted by | September 16, 2013
Tools I can’t live without…….right now.

These tools are my personal 'go to apps' for information management. As a consultant who is 'always selling' and consulting I need reliable information management that is always available. These...

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Posted by | June 3, 2013
Can’t get appointments? Join a growing club.

It is no secret that sales professionals everywhere are finding it harder than ever to get appointments. Some people think this is due to everybody being so busy. Yeah, I...

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