Creating a new business to fully align my values

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Why did I create WorkPlan? It has been the culmination of years of experiences and ideas generated from working with over 400 organisations in different parts of the world. There have been recurring themes that challenge my vision of what organisations can and should be.

I want to help to create the change needed to enable people and organisations to adapt to a future that offers less reliability and faster change in both the micro and macro levels.

This is a summary of my experiences and observations that are tool large and too frequent to ignore.

  • seeing too many people squashed in jobs that never allow them a chance to grow and express themselves meaningfully.
  • people excluded from contributing to an organisation based on seniority or position.
  • experiencing too many ‘leaders’ that have issues with ego and personality.
  • witnessing politics destroy people’s motivation and engagement.
  • lack of clarity and new thinking killing any changes of individual and collective success.
  • ‘group think’ in the senior leadership team the resists innovation and ideas that threaten the status quo.
  • people appearing at work and leaving at the end of the day without making any impact from their own unique expression of their ‘genius’.
  • too many companies led by lawyers and accountants who are unable to shed those mindsets.
  • too many ‘old school tie’ networks and relationships that limit diversity and prevent people from varied background from achieving positions of influence and leadership.
  • assuming the only people that know anything or have ideas are the ‘so called experts’.
  • cultures of risk aversion that stifles the economy by placing too many penalties on people who ‘have a go’ and fail.

I am not sure where to start or whether this list is exhaustive.

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