Destroy Procrastination – a personal experience

I have had a ‘big rock’ sitting in my Omnifocus for about a month. It is a project for a client that is not under an impending due date but it still had a good way of nagging me both whether I was looking at Omnifocus or not. I rationalised a bunch of action plans including doing some work in the evenings and setting aside some time on the weekends. Yeah right. I would get to Sunday night and feel the rush of guilt for not even thinking about doing this work. Most evenings the last thing I feel like doing is going back to looking at a screen of any sort. So on it went with good intentions but no actions. The project itself is not one that I really have an aversion to. It is actually somewhat creative and involves using some content authoring software that I enjoy using. In reality my radar is so full of other objectives and tasks that are strategic and this one was not getting any focus. It reached a point where I actually did what I tell all my clients to do……OUTSOURCE! My coach made a good point about procrastination and it hit home. I am not doing this task because I do not want to. I was more interested in doing the other tasks that were more aligned with what I love and helps drive my consulting. This task that was killing me with guilt and distraction is fun and creative, but I was not seeing it as a core activity. I found a person who can do the task, briefed them on the objectives, discussed the quality my client needs and ended the conversation feeling like fog had cleared from my runway. I know the person doing the work is skilled and enjoys doing content authoring of this type so I have no concerns about the end result. A twisted path to destroy procrastination.

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