Do you have a knowledge hub?

We are always a bit surprised at how many new clients of ours do not use a customer relationship management system, (CRM). In some cases our client will grow into the need for one and in others the need is long overdue. A well configured and implemented CRM system is an excellent way to capture and retain vital information about all aspects of your marketing and sales as well as providing measurement.

However a CRM may not be enough. Have you considered creating a knowledge hub for your business? A knowledge hub or portal gives you an easy way to centralise and retain information for your employees that can be translated into the performance of their roles- converting information to knowledge. We highly recommend creating a knowledge hub that can support your sales and marketing. For example the knowledge hub can be accessed anytime, anywhere to provide product information, presentation tools, project plans, sales tips, marketing literature, best practices, case studies among many other information types.

The knowledge hub can act as a means of individual team members contributing ideas and information to help prevent vital expertise leave your company when people depart. In the past few months we have implemented a few knowledge hubs for sales teams using tools like Backpack, SharePoint and PB Works. In all cases our clients are intending to enable secure access to clients and resellers as well. I guess the key point is to avoid having your vital information left in peoples heads or hard drives. If you are, you are missing out on leveraging key competitive advantages for your business. If you would like to discuss this further or learn how we use our knowledge hub please get in touch.

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