Easter (Spring) Break and the ‘rest stop’ exit

The general feeling among people that I speak to is that this year is already spinning away too fast. The Easter holiday, spring break or whatever else it is called is always the first pause in the year. It is like a milestone that swings from the calendar chain to smack on the side of the head to let us know yet another year is well progressed. It kind of wakes you up and if you are into this sort of stuff you may be reaching for your New Year’s Resolutions or your personal and business goals. This break is a good time to ‘cross check’ that you are chasing the right objectives. It is a good time to take a breather and evaluate whether you are on target to achieve your goals and objectives in the timeframe you set yourself and/or your business. Can you look at your task list and see plenty of checks and line outs or are there still some suckers in there that with the best of intentions you wrote in January and forgot about? Have a look at your inbox? How many do you have in there and how far back in time do they go? This could be a great time to clean that up, transfer the ones you need to action to a task manager and ditch the rest. One of my clients spent a day last week cleaning up her computer desk top and documents folders. She was losing time and energy searching for stuff among her folders and online cloud storage locations. We are fortnate in Australia to have a four day break. Those of us motivated to do so can take our rest stop exit and do a safey check on ourselves covering the items I have described above and others. You can commit a block of time or capture some time each day. One key objective not to lose track of is the time to relax and think. Thats it. Just think. Get away from a screen of any type and simply think freely about whatever comes to mind. Have a pen and paper nearby and surprise yourself. Yes, your fingers can still write and our mind may deliver some jewels of ideas and insights that will make waking up on Monday (or Tuesday) morning so much better compared to a weekend of frenetic activity. Good luck.

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