Fear not the feedback

I just finished a client survey project for a client. The client was scared witless when I first raised the idea of asking their customers for honest feedback. It was far more comfortable operating with a perception rather than reality. Anyway, after some prodding I got started building a survey for my client. The survey is 26 questions and most are scored on a 1-5 scale. There are a couple of opportunities for the client to add free text to explain an answer or offer a suggestion. I like to use SurveyMonkey for its ease of use, attractive interface and great results reporting. Anyway, the survey was sent out to just under 200 contacts and there were approximately 100 respondents. The results? To be honest they are mixed. My client received great insight into his clients’ decision making processes, and what they value about my client’s business. There are some good insights into what his business can do better and he has derived from this information some simple ideas about customer service processes and tools for his team to help deliver better results. We now have some great ideas about how to improve target marketing, marketing messages and channels. It was amazing how many of his clients were thankful for the opportunity to provide feedback. It was scary for my client at first but now he and his management team have broken through the fear and now feel more in touch with their clients and I am sure this is reciprocal. There are now plans to undertake a client feeeback survey annually as well as some smaller more targeted surveys around specific products and services. We can show you how to plan and execute a client feedback survey to maximise how you can use the results to ignite better business performance. Contact us here.

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