Have you got some clarity yet?

Ok we are now getting a bit further into 2012 and despite some predictions based on the Mayan calendar you probably should bank on completing the year. Outside of the standard New Year’s Resolutions what have you achieved in real planning. In other words, do you have a game plan for 2012 that will guide you month to month, week to week and day to day? It sounds more daunting than it really is. I spent some time doing this work last week. I have been reading two books recently that have provided some great ideas and motivation. The first one is The Pledge by Michael Masterson.  This book is a real wake up call and I really like the way Michael gets into specifics about his own methods without being prescriptive about what might work for the reader. The other books is 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman.  This is an easy to read book that almost gives one a sense of having a conversation with Peter Bregman with the stories and anecdotes he uses to support his ideas for planning and productivity. The combination of these books, some quiet time and strong desire to avoid the wild horse ride of 2011 has led me to create a realistic set of objectives for 2012 and a plan to achieve them. In the mix I added a vision board that my wife and I worked on together. We all know events can radically the best laid plans but it sure gives me a great sense of movement and direction. That alone is worth the effort. If you would like to learn more about how I have approached my planning, please make contact with me and we can discuss a plan to deliver your dreams.

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