Inertia……the silent killer

I was going to have a rant about inertia but I have calmed down a bit. About an hour ago I had a case book example of a company that is compromising its fundamental capacity to succeed with inertia. Inertia is actually a word that lends itself to being a name of a disease. In life and in business inertia is a disease. Inertia is a silent killer since many people are not aware they are suffering from the affliction.

Inertia presents itself as a lack of decision making, a lack of change, limited growth, frustration, anxiety and revenue stagnation and decline. Inertia also presents as lack of follow up, un-returned calls, endless cross checking and risk analysis, and useless research into other options. When you are afflicted with inertia you will waste valuable time, energy and resources. If you have some self- awareness you may be sensing a feeling of anxiousness that is common among people who are not growing.

I think there is a main cause of inertia. The main cause is fear. Fear is insidious since it does not always smack you on the side of the head and say ‘you are fearful.’ Fear lingers and is often masked by rationalisation. There are other causes but I still think the root cause is always fear no matter how deeply buried it is under coping behaviours, rationalisation and outright denial. These types of causes are lack of physical and mental energy (lethargy), disorganisation, distraction, and even depression.

Inertia left unchecked can drive people to unfulfilled goals and ambitions, poor relationships with others, stunted personal growth among many other outcomes. If a business culture is afflicted with inertia, even in some key areas, the results can impact everybody with a spreading of the inertia disease or even worse the decline and closure of a business. It is this last scenario that presented itself to me expressed in a new client reluctant to take action to reverse the stagnation of their business.

You will know yourself if you have an issue with inertia. If you are a business leader or owner and your business has been swallowed by an inertia culture you must take steps to find a cure. On an individual level it may be enough to begin working with an effective coach or counsellor. Your business may need a third party consultant or advisor to approach the issue as an ‘outsider’ who possesses the skills to diagnose accurately and prepare an action plan to change course and remove inertia from your culture.

You can contact me to discuss inertia and how to prevent and cure it from slowing you and your business down in its quest for growth.

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