‘Like sand through an hour glass’

I really love this article. This one is in my client kit bag and it has generated some amazing conversations of such depth. There is a small number of people who have reacted defensively and could not see any way of escaping from their ‘busyness’, “If i don’t do it, who will?” More people have taken a deep breath and arrived at some awareness of how they are using their time and what they are really accomplishing that drives results. The depth of some of these conversations has extended to discussions about meaning or lack of meaning some feel for their work. In others there has been a perplexity at how they escape frenetic activity and get more focuses. There has also been a few clients who have realised that not only is the time they spend working impacting significant relationships, their children are also engaged in ‘busyness’ across a range of activities including schools, sports, social and hobbies. It is harder than ever to be a role model if you are not around and if you are around your eyes are focused on a smartphone or computer screen. Sand Have a read and a think and would love to hear your comments, ideas and insights.

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