Is managing your time making you stressed?

Somehow, no matter what consulting project I am working on, time management and productivity always gets included. Is it any surprise? People are focused on productivity and this is exemplified by the number of books, apps and blogs covering this topic. I can tell you from experience that so many people never feel their productivity and time management is up to standard.

The never ending search for the perfect system and the perfect app is often resorted to when the workload gets large and the fog of not knowing what task to do next is clouding your vision. This is an extremely stressful situation to be in. There is no magical software app and there is no perfect system. I really enjoyed reading a blog written by  Jason Allaire.

This blog post takes a somewhat contrarian position on ‘time management’ and approaches it from a very healthy perspective. If you are in a productivity conundrum and looking for a way out, have a read of Jason’s blog to get you centred. And if you really want to revamp your productivity system, set aside some time on your calendar and get it done…….then stick with it.

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