Meaning, passion and competence

Are you damn excited about the next twelve months? Are you ready to execute all the great plans you have created to achieve your goals? Is there still something missing that makes you bit less than enthusiastic to jump right in and start working? Do you think this might be caused by a lack of passion? Or meaning? Or competence? If you think the answer may be a lack of passion, do you have any ideas why this is so? I find that many times passion is influenced by physical health. If your energy is low you will find it very hard to tap into your wellspring of passion. A foggy mind will kill passion as well. If you lack a sense of meaning in your work, what kinds of thoughts do you have about this? Are you looking for meaning in your work or in your life in general? Is work the right source of meaning for you and will it deliver the type of meaning you are after? I have clients who asked me to help with this issue and the resolutions have come as a bit of a surprise to me. In every case the person felt a lack of meaning as well as a sense of general lack of progress. My clients ended too many days without a sense of having completed anything. In some cases it was a case of too much busy work without directed focus and in other more severe cases it was internet addiction that led to time wasting. You can aspire to gain meaning in your work by changing your job and engaging in an activity to deliver meaning. You could change professions, vocations or even join a not-for-profit and work for the betterment of human kind. A far simpler and more immediate solution is gaining a clear vision of work you want to complete. It does not matter what your job is, there is always great work that each of us can achieve. We can finish every day with a sense of completion and excellence. To achieve meaning in your current job is a topic for many other posts as my recommendations include visualisation, planning, task management and execution strategies. Finally I want to raise the topic of competence. Is your lack of meaning and passion for your current work based on a lack of competence? Do you need to gain competence in one or a few areas to be more effective in your work and hence able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment and excellence? In my experience many people lack some competence in working with other people. This lack of competence is the most damaging to any hope of achieving passion and meaning in your work. I am talking here about competence in delegation, interpersonal communication, performance management and conflict resolution. If you are working with people who are difficult, zap your energy or lack competence to complete their role, you will be impacted. When this situation persists you will be drained of any passion and meaning will follow. It is not good enough to tolerate you must take action to overcome the lack of competence in these areas. Do you want to get started? Contact our office and we can give you a road map to help you get started.

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