Zen and the art of strategic planning

Posted by Brian Clark | January 7, 2013
Ego and the bite of competence reality

I am looking at an IT company that has developed what looks like a great piece of software. My interest first and foremost is to help this software realise its potential in the market and secondly to look at a financial position in the company. There is one big rock in the way. It is...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 29, 2012
Can you shed some baggage?

Most of us cannot help but feel a sense of renewal as we turn the corner into a new year. Among my clients there is a majority who found 2012 a fairly difficult year. It is natural to look to the coming year as offering a chance to change reality a bit and enjoy some...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 21, 2012
Are you who you are?

Are you really who you are in your business? Strange question I guess. Is the person who shows up in your business the same person who shows up at the family dinner table? Do you speak the same? I wonder if you can really speak freely in your business. I try to crack through the...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 13, 2012
6 steps to getting back in control

I am really focused on getting back in control of my work life. It has been another year of massive activity and change with little pockets of reflection and planning. I am not into New Years Resolutions any more after a lifetime of three week failures, however I am committing some serious time to getting...

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 26, 2012
Mapping your Vision

I am undergoing a personal journey in parallel to some of my coaching clients in preparing for 2013. The cross-over to a new year is a good time to create a compelling vision of your life and set in place an action plan to realise your vision. This goes well beyond the 'New Year's resolution'...

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Posted by Brian Clark | October 27, 2012
Did you do it?

In my last post there were a few questions that I suggested you ask yourself in a journaling experiment. I am kind of stuck on the topic of 'stuck' at the moment and this is stemming from an increasing frequency of business owners and leaders telling me they feel stuck. I have been thinking a...

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Posted by Brian Clark | October 22, 2012
Are you over it?

There must be something in the water. Out of three meetings with prospective clients this week, two admitted to have depleted motivation to get their businesses growing again. In other words they are 'over it'. Both business owners have fairly large businesses and they are not going broke but suffering severe stagnation. It was hard...

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Posted by Brian Clark | October 12, 2012
Behind every good strategy is meaning.

Do you really think you and your team will successfully execute a strategy without an understanding of the meaning behind the strategy? Without an understanding of the significance of the strategic objectives it is naïve to expect the full energies of your people to be tapped. People discover and create meaning from their work. Your...

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Posted by Brian Clark | September 8, 2012
Must see Jeremiah Owyang presentation on Slideshare

This super informative webinar on Slideshare is worth watching. Slideshare is a powerful tool to boost your content marketing and business profile online. There are a few presentations in the series but start with this one and have a pen and paper ready for some notes.

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Posted by Brian Clark | September 1, 2012
Lessons from a conference

I have returned from a two day conference in Melbourne. I often dread conferences but they usually turn out pretty good once I get there and start to engage with other attendees. This particular conference attracts some very interesting speakers and attendees in a friendly open atmosphere. What really surprised me was the activity of...

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Posted by Brian Clark | August 14, 2012
Brainstorming: does this look familiar

This clip from Life's Too Short is hilarious and I bet plenty of people had recollections of similar brainstorming disasters.

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