Strategic planning cascade

7 steps on the strategy journey

Posted by Brian Clark | June 28, 2012
Talk your way to innovation

I have had an interesting week that included some 'train time' that helped me catch up on podcasts. I really enjoy this time and the podcasts I listen to are great for creating ideas to apply in my business and on behalf of my clients. In one of the podcasts a speaker was bemoaning meetings...

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Posted by Brian Clark | June 27, 2012
Who is Your Chief Collaboration Officer?

I came across an interesting blog on the Mindjet site by Troy Larson. There are individuals in some very successful companies that hold the title of Chief Collaboration Officer. In my experience, the contribution that collaboration makes to a competitive business includes: A culture focused on activity and execution Knowledge and learning is informal and...

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Posted by Brian Clark | June 14, 2012
The age of wariness

In these times of economic stagnation and decline there are some watch-outs for business leaders and managers to ensure their businesses do not fall under any perception of instability. There is a pervasive sense of wariness in all aspects of business conduct. You see this wariness demonstrated by banks and financial institutions who are reducing...

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Posted by Brian Clark | June 12, 2012
Systems and processes ad infinitum

I have once again had the pleasure of being involved in a prestigous business awards competition as a judge. The process involves working with a co-judge to read written submissions and select some short listed businesses. There are different categories of businesses based on size and the entire awards program is focused on small to...

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Posted by Brian Clark | May 26, 2012
Data Mesmerisation

Ok- up front I can admit that data analysis is not a strong point. Through many parts of my life as an entrepreneur I avoided data analysis at my peril; other times I had good people do the analysis for me. The main thing is you do it. There is plenty of data to look...

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Posted by Brian Clark | May 21, 2012
A deeper dive into SWOT

I think SWOT analysis may have earned a bad reputation in some circles. I was speaking to a new client last week and could almost see their eyes glaze over when I told him of my desire to undertake a SWOT session with his managers. SWOT analysis should not be discounted based on prior experience...

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Posted by Brian Clark | May 16, 2012
Destroy Procrastination – a personal experience

I have had a 'big rock' sitting in my Omnifocus for about a month. It is a project for a client that is not under an impending due date but it still had a good way of nagging me both whether I was looking at Omnifocus or not. I rationalised a bunch of action plans...

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Posted by Brian Clark | May 5, 2012
Learning and the doom loop

Do you think your business/organisation learns? Forget about the indidividuals in the organisation for a minute and consider the organisation as an entity. It is a living, breathing and dynamic entity, but does it learn? Let me look at this from a couple of perspectives. Firstly, does your organisation repeat mistakes? It does not matter...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 13, 2012
Are you an unconscious innovation killer?

There is a great big spectrum of business innovation and too often the perception is that innovation only applies to things like iPhones and other great big disruptive products, tools, processes or marketing campaigns. Innovation also occurs in small and medium businesses when a person creates a new process for managing stock control or automates...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 6, 2012
Easter (Spring) Break and the ‘rest stop’ exit

The general feeling among people that I speak to is that this year is already spinning away too fast. The Easter holiday, spring break or whatever else it is called is always the first pause in the year. It is like a milestone that swings from the calendar chain to smack on the side of...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 1, 2012
The 5 Biggest Lies About Generating Revenue

1. You don’t have to close In our experience the people who espouse this one are freaked out about closing. They do not see it as necessary because they are afraid to close a sales discussion. If you never close a sales discussion* you are unlikely to secure much business, the best analogy is fishing...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 9, 2012
Vision board = mind map

If you are a visual person (and even if you are not) I encourage you to keep your goals and objectives in a place where you can see them. One of the coolest things I have done so far this year was re-building my 'vision board' using Mind Manager.  The vision board I created last...

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