Zen and the art of strategic planning

Posted by Brian Clark | April 13, 2012
Are you an unconscious innovation killer?

There is a great big spectrum of business innovation and too often the perception is that innovation only applies to things like iPhones and other great big disruptive products, tools, processes or marketing campaigns. Innovation also occurs in small and medium businesses when a person creates a new process for managing stock control or automates...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 6, 2012
Easter (Spring) Break and the ‘rest stop’ exit

The general feeling among people that I speak to is that this year is already spinning away too fast. The Easter holiday, spring break or whatever else it is called is always the first pause in the year. It is like a milestone that swings from the calendar chain to smack on the side of...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 1, 2012
The 5 Biggest Lies About Generating Revenue

1. You don’t have to close In our experience the people who espouse this one are freaked out about closing. They do not see it as necessary because they are afraid to close a sales discussion. If you never close a sales discussion* you are unlikely to secure much business, the best analogy is fishing...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 9, 2012
Vision board = mind map

If you are a visual person (and even if you are not) I encourage you to keep your goals and objectives in a place where you can see them. One of the coolest things I have done so far this year was re-building my 'vision board' using Mind Manager.  The vision board I created last...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 7, 2012
When the LMS is not a strategic element

If I was in an elevator with your CEO would she/know about your  LMS project? If not your CEO would a ‘C’ level executive in your chain of command be aware of it?  If I were to dig deeper would this person be able to explain how the LMS fits within the organisation’s strategy? Could...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 23, 2012
Take your content marketing to a new level

Content marketing works effectively to engage with people, get them to know your business, like your business and ultimately trust your business.  My clients have used a number of content strategies that are catered to their target market.  What about the types of content and how effective are the different types? In many cases content...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 28, 2012
Learning is a team sport.

I am drowning in information! I vowed to break my info addiction in 2012 by using a strict quality filter. Guess what? I have a stack of books and articles that looks daunting and my eagerness to devour these gems is shortening my sleep pattern. Oh well. At least I have wiped out virtually all...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 16, 2012
Meaning, passion and competence

Are you damn excited about the next twelve months? Are you ready to execute all the great plans you have created to achieve your goals? Is there still something missing that makes you bit less than enthusiastic to jump right in and start working? Do you think this might be caused by a lack of...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 7, 2012
Have you got some clarity yet?

Ok we are now getting a bit further into 2012 and despite some predictions based on the Mayan calendar you probably should bank on completing the year. Outside of the standard New Year's Resolutions what have you achieved in real planning. In other words, do you have a game plan for 2012 that will guide...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 3, 2011
Can you count on yourself?

Here we are now in the final days of 2011. To many this has been a difficult year and of course for others it has been a year of change and progress. Whichever side one takes in reflection, it seems universal to all persons I speak to that this year has been fast. It has...

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 10, 2011
Zen and the art of business judging

Imagine if you were a judge in a business competition that measures your business across dimensions such as financial results, people, processes, technology, innovation, leadership and overcoming obstacles. Detach yourself from your business physically, intellectually and emotionally and view your business as a judge would do when comparing your business to others. I know how...

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 8, 2011
Never Assume People Know

I have a client about to begin content -marketing that expressed a sentiment that I think may be very common, “why would anybody read what I write? I have nothing new or exciting.” These feelings are not conducive to a good start at writing content. I will admit that I have often had the same...

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