Strategic planning cascade

7 steps on the strategy journey

Posted by Brian Clark | February 21, 2014
Organisational Health…short presentation

I created this short Haiku Deck for a client presentation last week. The meeting was focusing on some projects to support some significant change in the organisation both in culture and in technology. I was demonstrating some software as well as reviewing some case studies and used this presentation as a primer to help define...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 17, 2014
3 Factors to Develop a Performance Culture

In our business we have the pleasure of working with some very successful organisations and each has a culture that oozes high performance when you walk in their offices. You can see clues in the way people interact; looking at each other in the eyes, greeting people with their names, and well organised work spaces...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 5, 2014
5 Ways to Build a Performance Culture Fast

When it comes to an organisation’s culture there are really no quick fixes. Of course there are heaps of variables including size, workforce locations, leadership, performance levels and many more. I have recently had a discussion with a new client about some challenges she is having with a small team in a small business. The...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 26, 2014
Business stagnation? Your first step is not always what you think.

Is your business stagnant?  Is cash flow a concern?  Not really sure what to do and how to do it? You might need to start with your head. I hope you have had a chance to do some thinking over the holiday season. Not all of us are so privileged to have time off from...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 31, 2013
L & D Department or Competitive Advantage

In the spirit of the New Year and all the hoped for changes we have planned in our personal and working lives I thought about how some of our clients might be thinking of transforming their professional endeavours to a whole new level. If 2013 went by quickly for you then there is little chance...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 20, 2013
Your Journey to More Sales in 2014

Please click on this link and you can have a look at a great path to more sales in 2014. So far I have seen nothing that indicates the sales profession is going to get any easier in 2014 so spend some time and work through this mind-map and plan how you are going to get...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 18, 2013
Is 2014 the Year You Break Free With Your Own Business?

Are you actively planning to start your own business next year? You may be doing so to reach for your dream of being in control of your life. You may be pushed to reach your dream or you may be facing circumstances that make this one of the only viable options you have. No matter...

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 22, 2013
6 Ways Your LMS Can Support Innovation

Innovation (Photo credit: masondan) The LMS is not often thought of as a platform directly supporting or driving innovation but it should be. There may be differences in how your LMS may support innovation based on what features it has, however I will offer some generic ideas that should be applicable to most LMS software....

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 13, 2013
People Have Missed the Productivity Evolution

I have not seen one of these for a long time. They used to be prevalent but their numbers have been decreasing as a flood of personal productivity information is rammed down our throats in media, training programs and peer modelling. I am not sure how this person was excluded from the evolutionary process. If...

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Posted by Brian Clark | November 8, 2013
Competency Based Sales Performance Improvement

One size does not fit all in sales training. Sales is getting more demanding as clients are no longer interested in long engagements during their research phase. A prospect is as knowledgeable if not more so than the sales professional by the time the two meet. How a person performs in this environment is far...

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Posted by Brian Clark | October 21, 2013
do you stand for something, anything or nothing

These times no longer tolerate the vanilla supplier. It is too easy to be a vanilla supplier. I would rather know what a person believes in with transparent honesty than some wishy- washy please everybody person or company. What the hell are you about? Why can't you call me and tell me exactly what you...

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