Strategic planning cascade

7 steps on the strategy journey

Posted by Brian Clark | April 28, 2013
Yep- it is a VISION thing

Business is transforming thoughts into actions and outcomes. Vision is probably the most critical element to this process. You have to see it before you can create it. It is a spiritual thing. Too many business people lose this and some never have it to start with. Vision gives you a mental, spiritual and physical...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 22, 2013
Don’t hide your best tool in the toolbox`

I have been singing the praises of Omnifocus for a few years now. I have even convinced some clients to jump the chasm and buy a Mac computer just for the chance to use the great tool that Omnifocus is. Of course most have come over from years of using Microsoft Outlook- another fine tool...

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Posted by Brian Clark | April 16, 2013
Event Alert!!

For those of you in Australia and in Brisbane more specifically you have the opportunity to learn some of the best sales tools to grow your business. I will be presenting at the Ice Works in Paddington and delivering some of the most powerful tools to make your sales soar. Check it out here and...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 24, 2013
Opposites don’t attract……in marketing

Do you remember as a child experimenting with magnets and feeling the pull and resistance between magnets? The magic of magnetism is something you could feel but you could not see. It is the same with marketing. Firstly, I am assuming you have a clearly defined target market. You have all the attributes written down...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 22, 2013
Tap on your therapist

Have you ever sat down to your computer and simply starting to dump your thoughts in free writing? Maybe you have not done so on a computer but in a treasured journal or diary? How did you feel when you finished? One of my english teachers in high school, Mr. Felstad, introduced me to free...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 20, 2013
It is the way it is.

This day of March 20 2013 had some significance for me. It was nothing big and grandiose like a birthday, anniversary or lottery win. It took on significance with the comments by three people on the phone expressing dismay at how fast this year is going already.  January is kind of a write off. You...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 6, 2013
There is a kernel in there somewhere

Every business starts out as a dream. The dream can be a spirit, a mindset or an idea. It exists in any of these forms whether it is manifest in reality or not. When the business is started it is imbued with the kernel of the ideas and spirit from which it was first formed...

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Posted by Brian Clark | March 4, 2013
Meaning, performance and reality

You can build a performance management framework that will sustain your business by ensuring that your people are given a means to provide feedback during the process of engaging with their managers in meaningful dialogue. Is meaning a topic that is discussed and communicated openly? Meaning is a fundamental plank of leadership; a good leader...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 28, 2013
How to seriously freak out your CEO

Have you ever heard your CEO use the term 'transparent' in their language? We have all heard the term 'open door' and we all know the CEO is trying to convey their desire to have a culture of openness and honesty. Well guess what? There is a monster at the front door and it may...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 27, 2013
This helped me……a type of purge.

I seem to be having a recurring theme in some of my client meetings that is directly or indirectly all about being stuck. We all get stuck at some points and many times we are not sure why. Here is a 'trick' that I use when I start to feel frustrated in my business. I need...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 24, 2013
3 big clues you are stuck

What does the next week have in store for you? You have a clear set of tasks and time set aside to achieve them.....right? Or are you facing the week with some angst, dread or indifference? You would be surprised how many people in business experience one or all three of those. Here are some...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 15, 2013
Chuck your bags in the trash…….

or in a big hole and fill it in fast. The world is changing so fast in so many ways and you need to reduce the amount of stuff you carry around with you. You need to be light, agile and totally living in the present. You need to ditch your bags.......your bags of crap...

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