Strategic planning cascade

7 steps on the strategy journey

Posted by Brian Clark | February 9, 2013
Do ya’ want to dance?

Frozen in fear. So frozen I could only stare in disbelief that my comrades had the courage to ask girls to dance. I am not sure I have fully got over that traumatic night of my first dance ever in the 7th grade. I am not the guy to ask about how to ask girls...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 7, 2013
Ya’ know what?

Maybe the next business or self help book you throw twenty bucks at is full of shit. Happened before? Ever considered the lessons you were taught by your third grade teacher are just as powerful? What about the stuff you learned playing little league or playing out in the woods? Do you really think there...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 5, 2013
Is anything perfect?

There is a big issue facing a few of my clients and I thought I would share it. This is an issue that seems to be aligned with people who are smart and give a shit about what they are doing in life. The problem arises because it often creates paralysis and stagnation. It is...

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Posted by Brian Clark | February 1, 2013
Capability frameworks for high performance sales teams

First of all I guess you might wonder why I used the term ‘high performance’ in the headline. What does that mean? I see a few characteristics that distinguish a high performance sales team from others and capability frameworks contribute to the development and sustenance of high performance in any team. One attribute of high...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 26, 2013
Happy Australia Day!
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Posted by Brian Clark | January 25, 2013
So you want to be a consultant or you are and failing.

You have something you can offer other businesses. Your experience and knowledge is there screaming to be released as a high paid consultant or coach just like all those cool images of luxury cars, expensive laptops and smart phones. You want to look the part. But how is it going? And if you have not...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 24, 2013
Where are you living?

Your past does not decide your future unless you allow it to. I bet you have been inundated with friends and media hammering you with stuff about resolutions, goals and starting fresh. This is all good stuff but the fact is most people not hang in there long enough to create a new reality. Shedding...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 10, 2013
If you could only nail one goal?

You are motivated and looking forward to 2013. You have cleaned up your office, filed your files, achieved in-box zero and cleaned up your digital documents. Everything is set and so far all your new habits are activated. Suddenly a voice booms down from the ceiling of your office. You think it might be the...

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Posted by Brian Clark | January 7, 2013
Ego and the bite of competence reality

I am looking at an IT company that has developed what looks like a great piece of software. My interest first and foremost is to help this software realise its potential in the market and secondly to look at a financial position in the company. There is one big rock in the way. It is...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 29, 2012
Can you shed some baggage?

Most of us cannot help but feel a sense of renewal as we turn the corner into a new year. Among my clients there is a majority who found 2012 a fairly difficult year. It is natural to look to the coming year as offering a chance to change reality a bit and enjoy some...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 21, 2012
Are you who you are?

Are you really who you are in your business? Strange question I guess. Is the person who shows up in your business the same person who shows up at the family dinner table? Do you speak the same? I wonder if you can really speak freely in your business. I try to crack through the...

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Posted by Brian Clark | December 13, 2012
6 steps to getting back in control

I am really focused on getting back in control of my work life. It has been another year of massive activity and change with little pockets of reflection and planning. I am not into New Years Resolutions any more after a lifetime of three week failures, however I am committing some serious time to getting...

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