Performance Consulting by Metacomm 


Your people and teams performing at their best will deliver benefits that go beyond improved sales and productivity.  When a group of people are engaged in a culture of shared learning, mutual support and common objectives, great things will begin to happen.

Have you identified performance issues in your organisation?
Is improved performance vital to achieve your growth targets and remain competitive?

We approach our clients with a logical hierarchy to help define the change process.

When we work with our hierarchy framework we ensure that alignment is achieved between high level strategy and individuals. This alignment will produce measurable outcomes in key areas, among these are:

  • A vision of an ideal culture with a defined pathway to achieve and sustain it.
  • Clear strategy.
  • Systems and processes that support people to achieve strategic and tactical outcomes.
  • Higher levels of productivity.
  • Learning and development that is aligned with current and future needs.

The Metacomm consulting engagement is a rigorous methodology known as ‘The Organisational Performance Loop.’ The Organisational Performance Loop is delivered using workshops and engagement with individuals and teams.