Productivity Makes Your Business Profitable and Competitive

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to apps and software to run your business and your life productively. Here are some software tools that we have recommended to some of our small to medium clients over the past couple of months and the feedback has been amazing.  If you are leading a larger enterprise we might recommend some others.macbook-336704_640 Of course these may or may not be right for you, but they may be worth having a look at.  You and your people need to be super productive to compete.  Your profitability is directly related to the productivity of your teams and individuals.   The right tools do not need to break your bank account, but choose wisely and use only the number of tools to execute effectively and no more.

CRM – we are users of Nimble CRM and if you are looking for a social CRM that has some great features and won’t break the bank, Nimble is definitely worth a look.

Evernote – I am a huge advocate of Evernote and its range of uses is huge and growing as more and more people use its power to manage information, projects, travel, content development and social media. Evernote has a free version, premium and a business version. Evernote is cross platform and accessible on all your devices. is a simple to use app that creates amazing signatures for your email communications. You really need to check this out to appreciate what it can do. It will make your email signature a powerful interactive component to your marketing.

Boomerang for Gmail and Exchange is an email tool that supports scheduling emails, response tracking and schedule follow- ups. Boomerang does all this in your email client and gives you the power of an email marketing tool at much less cost than most.

Yesware is an email app for sales professionals. Yesware tracks and analyzes email communications, integrates with Gmail and Salesforce and supports template sharing across a team. Yesware is a real gem that will boost sales team productivity. is a free and simple to use task management app. The simplicity of this app belies its power. Most of our clients have task management apps but they need to be used to be effective. is a must see.

Rapportive is a Gmail extension that integrates seamlessly with your inbox. Rapportive gives you LinkedIn Profile information about your contacts without leaving Gmail. You can see shared connections and initiate a connection in LinkedIn all within Gmail.

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