Take your content marketing to a new level

Content marketing works effectively to engage with people, get them to know your business, like your business and ultimately trust your business.  My clients have used a number of content strategies that are catered to their target market.  What about the types of content and how effective are the different types?

In many cases content marketing is the use of white papers, articles, biographies, product information, case studies and other types of documents.  These different types of documents may be available from a web page, an email or in hard copy.  If they are well written and provide a benefit to the recipient there is a measure of effectiveness achieved.  If you are very effective you will find your content marketing being distributed by third parties who believe your content will be beneficial to others in their network.

I like to extend the definition of content marketing to include learning.  I have found that changing the terminology to learning based marketing changes the way that one approaches the design, development and deployment of the content.  With my clients this has meant a change from a copywriting focus to an instructional design focus.

Learning based marketing includes a wide range of options for content development and deployment.  Two of my larger clients have deployed learning management systems, others are using content management systems and other simply use slide-shows using Powerpoint (Articulate) or Prezi.  The clients using the learning management systems have created a range of options for prospects and clients to engage with the company across a range of dimensions including courses, discussions, surveys and user groups.  The LMS has become an all encompassing portal for introducing prospects to their business, keeping existing clients engaged and offering the chance to give feedback and participate in new product and service launches.

Another plank to the learning based marketing strategy is memberships.  One of my clients has added memberships to this LMS environment.  The members pay a very small fee for full access to a range of learning content that includes courses on natural health, supplements, lifestyle, and other related topics.  This natural health practice has expanded its business with revenue growth in professional and therapeutic services as well as their retail channel.

If you would like to explore learning based marketing for your business please contact me.  I am happy to help you decide if this marketing strategy is right for your business.

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