Talk your way to innovation

I have had an interesting week that included some ‘train time’ that helped me catch up on podcasts. I really enjoy this time and the podcasts I listen to are great for creating ideas to apply in my business and on behalf of my clients. In one of the podcasts a speaker was bemoaning meetings and described all sorts of clever ways to avoid meetings and ensure they are worthwhile. I support the effort to ensure good productive meetings but I admit to abandoning the ‘meetings are bad’ crowd. I like meetings that are conversational and open without taboo and status trips. When I work with my clients the best ideas are sprouted in conversation. There are countless times when the conversations were not focused or regimented but free flowing sharing of ideas and thoughts in an extemperaneous fashion. I get so much benefit from having great people with whom to engage in conversations that it is never considered frivolous or wasteful to spend some time having coffee with a friend or colleague. In fact, the more diversity you can have in your network the more likely your conversations will generate innovation. The funny thing is that you cannot force this process, it is a flow. Do you have a business problem or issue that you are unsure how to tackle? Have a conversation, or two or three……..

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