The paralysis of indecision

There are few things more frustrating than being stuck. In a business this is a ticket to anxiety, frustration and worse. I am finding more people struggling with indecision in their businesses and I would bet that these people are having the same issues in their personal lives. One piece of sage advice I received from a business mentor was that when you are working with a business owner or leader, what you see is reality in both the personal and business spheres of a person’s life.

I can empathise with people who feel stuck. It happens to every person and for all sorts of reasons. What I find interesting is the impact information overload is having on business people not being able to make a decision and move forward. This can be compounded in an organisation that translates this into their collaboration and floods people with so much information they are unable to process it let alone critically analyse it.

In one case, helping a person by simply using a ‘T diagram’ with positive on one side and negative on the other helped to clarify their thinking enough to make a decision to move forward or pull back from a client project. This simple exercise was a release from a mind-storm of competing options, emotions and incessant internet searches to find an ‘expert’ who would add credibility to a decision option.

There is only one person, (or your team), that can make a decision. Do not rely on others to make decisions for you vicariously with their latest newsletter or email recommendation. There are plenty of experts out there ready and willing to tell you what you should do.

Here are some tips:

  • Get back in touch with the vision you have for your business. Get very clear to make sure you are not being diverted or distracted from your vision.
  • Accept that you have responsibility for your business and the decisions you make in it.
  • Listen to yourself. Some people listen to their inner voice, others feel a physical sensation when they know they are on the right track.
  • Make the decision. Write it down. If you screw up you will be just like the rest of us and you can fix it with a course correction. Nothing is forever.

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