Vision board = mind map

If you are a visual person (and even if you are not) I encourage you to keep your goals and objectives in a place where you can see them. One of the coolest things I have done so far this year was re-building my ‘vision board’ using Mind Manager.  The vision board I created last year is out of date.  Why?  It is out of date due to execution!  I have achieved most of the objectives I set myself in the middle of 2011. It feels great. I used to keep my goals and objectives in a paper planner, journal or even in a computer program. Not anymore. You need to keep it in front of your consciousness so put your goals where you can see them often. I have mine in my office, in my bathroom, on the fridge and a travelling version on my laptop. I like doing my vision boards in a mind map. I add a picture to each of my goals so that I can see true picture of what I want to achieve. I also put a target date for the achievement. Once I have this vision board created I set to work in my Omnifocus to set up the projects and tasks that will drive me to my goals on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.  This is powerful stuff when you can muster the discipline to execute the plan. If you want some help getting this set up- contact me and I can organise an online meeting to coach you through the process and show you some tools that will support you on your journey.

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