When the LMS is not a strategic element

If I was in an elevator with your CEO would she/know about your  LMS project? If not your CEO would a ‘C’ level executive in your chain of command be aware of it?  If I were to dig deeper would this person be able to explain how the LMS fits within the organisation’s strategy? Could they explain what drivers precipitated the search and selection for an LMS and beyond that could they identify some business requirements?

In my experience the answer to both of the above scenarios is usually yes, there is awareness but beyond that it gets a bit more dicey.  I have recently had this experience and strangely enough it has occurred twice in less than a month.  In one case there was vague recollection that ‘HR was doing something in that area,” and in the other case there was knowledge of the LMS implementation and its relevance to some pressing compliance issues.  One out of two is the score up to now but even the senior executive with the knowledge of the system did not inspire me with his interest in the team undertaking the implementation.

Well enough inspiring me, but imagine what it is like for the learning and development professionals in the organisation?  Could a dialogue with their executive like the one I had encourage them and make them feel connected to the organisation’s strategy?  The LMS is usually a system that is accessed across an organisation with high visibility.  This visibility begs for contribution from senior executives to communicate vision and purpose to solidify the alignment of the LMS and the organisations strategic objectives.


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