Why do we make sales so hard?

If you wanted to spend the rest of your life reading books, blogs, posts, and tweets about sales you could do so and never have a minute to do anything else. There is so much noise out there on succeeding in sales and there seems to be just as many sales gurus out there pushing their ideas.

What does that tell us? It tells me the sales profession is full of fear. Fear is driving an insatiable appetite to consume more and more information in the hope of finding the silver bullet that will assure you longevity and prosperity in a sales career or as a business owner. There are plenty of individual entrepreneurs and consultants who live in fear of not having enough leads to convert to paying customers.

Like many fear based addictions, the more you consume the more you need. I have worked with clients who lose hours of precious productivity lost in a haze of sales tips, tricks, e-books and online seminars. In bad cases, these people will spend significant money on ‘programs’ that guarantee sales success. Social media marketing and social selling are two big areas full of experts telling sales people how to use social media to generate sales.

I recently worked with one small IT company with a sales team of three. This sales team spent all day in front of their laptops ‘working’ in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. The two business owners were convinced ‘social selling’ was the correct strategy. It got embarrassing when I pressed them to show me the sales pipeline and how many leads were actually generated from all of the online activity.

I am not saying that social marketing and social selling are not worthwhile. They are essential tactical components to marketing and sales strategies. Both have their place and both can be effective when executed well in a systemic way.

If you want to succeed in sales then you need to do the work. What work, you ask? You need to find, connect, and speak to people. That is the basis of all the fear consuming so many sales people. Sales professionals are scared shitless of connecting to people outside the protective veils of a LinkedIn connection request or a ‘favourited’ Tweet.

I struggled for years to generate leads in many types of businesses. I admit to being one of those information junkies trying to allay the fear of getting out there. Then, like a whack on the head all the pieces fell into place. I quickly wrote everything I knew down in a frenzy to capture these precious ideas. This happened a number of years ago. Since then I have never struggled to generate leads. I teach my system to clients and the turn-around is often dramatic.

My four-step lead generation system generates leads for businesses all over the world….it works everywhere. I now share it with other business owners, consultants and sales professionals. I can explain the four-step formula to you online in about 30 minutes. Once you learn it you can go off and use it yourself. There is no catch.

I can only do a limited number of these online meetings every week. If you want to send me an email, I will do my best to arrange a discussion.

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