Your business has a story

Typebars in a 1920s typewriter

Typebars in a 1920s typewriter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A great business has a story. There is always a story to a business but many entrepreneurs and business owners forget to think about this and go the extra step to document it. The story of your business should be written in the first person. Writing the story is an excellent exercise to realise just how much work and success you have achieved. You may not be where you want to be yet, but recognising your achievements thus far is good for you.

When you have written your story you now have something you can share with others. The story may be edited for certain audiences but you want to retain the essence so that it reflects who you are and how you are expressed in your business. Some of the ways you can use your story:

  • New employees will enjoy reading about how your business started and give them a sense of belonging.
  • If you are ever looking for investors, your story will serve to put a human touch to your business.
  • Your story is a great resource for marketing collateral.

Your business story must include a thorough explanation of the ‘why.’ The ‘why’ is really the most personal part of the journey. It is the ‘why’ that keeps you going all hours of the night and presents you from giving up when the going gets tough. People like to be inspired by other people’s ‘why’ story.

There is a tendency by many people to be very protective of their personal details. People tend to over-estimate how much they are disclosing and a bit of personal insights will serve to strengthen the relationship you forge with your readers, prospects and clients.

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